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Kitten season

Volume 37

Lessons in resilience

Volume 36

The trouble with normal

Volume 35

A breath of gratitude

Volume 34

Coping with limitations

Volume 33

Little victories

Volume 32

Too many animals, too little time

Volume 31

Smiling through the tears

Volume 30

Becoming a dog again

Volume 29

The animals write a letter to Santa

Volume 28

The toughest decision

Volume 27

Momentary weakness, permanent gratitude

Volume 26

Open, closed, angry

Volume 25

The Long Goodbye

Volume 24

The Kitten That Came In From The Cold

Volume 23

Passing the Torch

Volume 22

A community responds the old fashioned way

Volume 21

A view inside the need for x-rays

Volume 20

A community that understands

Volume 19

Saving rats and saving faith

Volume 18

The search for Crane

Volume 17

Whoever loves them next

Volume 16

We save them and they save us

Volume 15

Whatever it takes

Volume 14

The science of gratitude

Volume 13

Big Paws – Across Canada; a community of hope

Volume 12

Our very own Houdini

Volume 11

The KHS and our volunteers – a mutually beneficial relationship

Volume 10

A ray of hope

Volume 9

The significant effects of COVID-19 at the KHS

Volume 8

From the worst comes the best

Volume 7

Goodbye to one of the Biggest Paws

Volume 6

Alice doesn’t live here anymore

Volume 5

Lessons from Mom

Volume 4

Remembering the soldiers and their animals

Volume 3


Volume 2

Errors of omission

Volume 1