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A breath of gratitude

Hot Off the Collar | Volume 34

For the last two years, working in animal welfare has been an emotional hurricane. We’ve witnessed a huge increase in the number of dogs or cats arriving with bulging ribs from starvation, scars from cruelty, or behaviour that indicates a history of neglect. Throughout that time, our amazing staff has handled everything with professionalism and compassion. They intake the animals with care, assess their health and move forward with a plan to save them. For two years that pattern hasn’t changed, despite exceeding our building capacity by as many as 180 animals. The endless cycle of intakes, examinations, diagnostics, feeding, cleaning, walking, training and adopting has taken a toll but we’re still on our feet.
Recently, for the first time since 2021, the numbers have started to drop. It’s opened up a momentary window of time that allows us to reflect on our accomplishments and recognize the tremendous job our staff and our community partners have done for the animals. What follows is a short list of some long overdue acknowledgements. These are the people that made it possible to face this unprecedented demand for our services.
To our Customer Care team; you are the face of the Kingston Humane Society. Throughout the last two years, you have accepted more stray drop-offs and animal surrenders than at any other time in our history. You’ve also adopted out more animals to more loving, forever homes than at other time in our history. You are the compassionate gatekeepers of our mission; to advocate for and improve the lives of animals in our community. Thank you.
To the ward attendants, veterinary assistants & technicians, the surgical team and the administrative staff of the Kingston Humane society; your unshakable dedication and commitment has been an inspiration. In the face of a relentless stream of incoming dogs, cats, rats and rabbits, you have shown extraordinary dedication and commitment. Each animal entrusted to you has always received an abundance of patience, love and attention. You are the true heroes of animal welfare. Thank you.
To our Foster Volunteers who offer up your homes, your love, your perseverance and your hearts; we understand that connection. You extend our reach and provide homes for the homeless creatures. We simply could not have survived the last two years without you. Thank you.
To our transfer partners who take in the under socialized, the frightened, or the complex medical cases; you have the time and the expertise that we lack. We know you’ve been faced with the same levels of overcrowding and we know the emotional toll that takes. Thank you.
To the satellite adoption centres who expand our outreach to more potential loving, forever homes; we value you as members of our team. With your help, we’ve adopted more animals in higher numbers than at any other time. Thank you.
To the Provincial Animal Welfare investigators and the Animal Control officers who stand guard on the front lines of animal protection; we feel your strength and honour your diligence. You walk the line between the worst of humanity and the future best friends of so many loving families. Thank you.
Finally and perhaps most importantly to our donors, sponsors and supporters; you are the motivation when we just can’t look into the pleading eyes of one more sick or injured animal. You give us the confidence to save them and the knowledge that no matter what level of care is required; someone’s got our backs. With each donation and each word of encouragement, we gain a little more strength and a little more determination. Thank you.
We’re still too full but it’s slowly getting better thanks in large part to all of our partners.
With hopes for a quieter 2024, the staff, volunteers and board members of the Kingston Humane Society wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Joyous Kwanzaa, a Wonderful Yule and of course, a little extra time with your furry family members.

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