The City of Kingston requires that all pets must hold a valid license. Pet licenses help to ensure that lost pets are easily identifiable and thus will spend little to no time at our shelter in the event they become lost. This means that valuable shelter space will remain available for the vulnerable animals that truly need it.

DocuPet is the City of Kingston’s official pet licensing partner. In addition to your pet’s official license, DocuPet also provides:

  • Free access to the HomeSafe 24/7 lost pet service
  • A selection of over 160 designer tag options that double as your pet’s official license
  • A central dashboard for your pet’s medical records and information
  • A quick and easy online solution for purchasing and renewing your pet’s license

Funds provided by pet licenses supply much needed resources to local animals in need here at The Kingston Humane Society. Furthermore, DocuPet offers a designer license tag upgrade option that donates 20% of each purchase to KHS. That means even more funds provided to our local animals in need and the dedicated staff that serves them.

With these designer tags, your pet’s not only looking good, they’re doing good! Now that calls for extra belly rubs.

To license your pet, create your secure online profile at