A Gift In Memory


Do you want to honour the life of a friend or relative? Did your loved one care deeply about the welfare of animals? Making a gift given in a loved one’s memory can often help to bring consolation at a time of loss. A letter acknowledging your generous donation will be sent to the next-of-kin either by mail or e-mailed.

If you or a friend is suffering from the loss of a cherished pet you can make a memorial donation in their memory. KHS will acknowledge your gift by sending the owner either a special card or email acknowledging your generous donation in memory of their pet.

A Gift To Honour Someone

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything? Gifts to the animals make wonderful birthday presents, holiday gifts or gifts for special occasions. When you make a donation to the animals at the shelter we will provide you with a card to give to the gift recipient.

Special Occasion Giving

This type of gift is usually given to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, or anniversary. It could also mark other occasions like Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter etc. Perhaps there is a particular day in which you would like to celebrate or plan a gift. Planning a gift on a special day can add additional meaning to an already significant time.

Become a Guardian Angel

Become a Guardian Angel and support a dog or cat at the shelter waiting for his or her forever home. With a donation of $250 directed to this program, you can sponsor a dog kennel or a cat cage for six months. Your donation will be recognized at the shelter with a cage plaque which bears the name of your choice: perhaps a family name, or that of a family member, friend or pet in whose memory you would like to make your gift. You will also receive a personal thank you letter and picture of the animal that is in the cage/kennel you have sponsored.

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