Thank you for your interest in adopting with the Kingston Humane Society! Since COVID, the Kingston Humane Society has had to make a lot of adjustments (just like the rest of the world!). Although our doors shut back in March of 2020, our animal intakes did not stop, and therefore we had to adapt. Our foster program grew immensely to allow for animals to be out of the shelter environment and be in a home setting. Since over 90% of our animals are in foster homes, we had to make further adjustments to our adoption process by posting all of our available animals on our website and requiring an approved application prior to connecting individuals with foster homes or scheduling meet and greets. We do this in order to not overwhelm our incredible foster families or the animals. This transition from having majority of animals onsite to majority of animals in foster homes has improved the well-being of our animals immensely, and the success of adoptions has only increased!

Now that our doors are open, we will have some animals onsite for viewing, but NOT all. The visitation hours onsite are as follows:

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday, CLOSED TUESDAYS)
    • 11 am to 6 pm
  • Weekends (Saturday-Sunday)
    • 10 am to 4 pm

*These hours are subject to change depending on the number of animals onsite, as well as the availability of staff/volunteers to assist.

All of our available animals are listed below. You can click on a photo of an animal you’re interested in and it will take you to their full biography. After you have viewed the page and decided on animal you are interested in adopting, you can fill out the online adoption application by clicking on ‘Apply Now’ or stop by the shelter to fill out a physical copy.

Please limit the number of animals you apply for to 1-2, unless you’re planning on adopting multiple, as this can create complications in processing your application. Please ensure you fill out all boxes to the best of your ability. When it asks for the ‘Shelter ID #’, click on the animal’s photo, then find the number beside ‘ARN’ (ex. 22-123). When including a veterinarian reference for your current and/or past animals, please provide the vet clinic’s name and phone number. In the section that says: Is there anything else we should know to help us process your application? Please list any past animal’s that you have had, their names, and the person’s name that the file is under. If you do not currently have a vet, please also elaborate in this section of the application. For the personal reference, include the name and phone number of someone that you do not currently live with, and have known for over 1 year. If you’re having difficulties filling out the online application, please email or call at 613-546-1291 ext. 102.

Once you have submitted your application, staff will begin processing. Application processing time will take longer than normal due to the record number of animals in care. We anticipate that it could take 1-2 weeks for us to catch up on all of the applications we’ve received for a variety of animals, and are working as quickly as we can. If you no longer see the animal you have applied for on our website, it is because we have received a high number of applicants for that animal and we are just trying to catch up on all of the applications. Inquiries about the status of applications delays processing time overall. If your references have not been contacted yet and you’re concerned that your application was not received, then please contact with your full name and the animal you had applied for and we will let you know.

We will be in touch with all applicants no matter what – so if you haven’t received a call yet, we are still processing the applications!

Here are the next steps if you are approved

Dogs: If the adoption is approved for a dog, we will send you the medical report and connect you with the foster family. Afterwards, a meet and greet is scheduled here at the shelter where the foster will bring the dog and the meeting will be set in our off-leash area so that proper social distancing measure can be taken. From there, if the meet and greet goes well and you elect to proceed with adoption for the dog, the adoption can take place onsite, same-day.

Small Animal/Cats: If you are interested in a cat or small animal, the next step is to do a video chat with the foster parent of the animal (most of our animals are not onsite but rather in foster homes). This allows you to see the animal in a natural environment and ask as the foster parent questions, allowing you to get to know the animal better. Meet and greets for small animals/cats are only offered if the animal is already onsite, as it is too stressful for small animals/cats to be transported to and from the shelter regularly. If you would like to meet a cat prior to adopting, visit the shelter during visitation hours (see hours above) or one our pet store partners as they may have some of ours available for viewing. If the connection with the foster goes well and you choose to adopt, a date and time is set for the adoption to take place at the shelter. The foster of the cat/small animal drops the animal off at the shelter for a final medical exam and if all cleared, the adoption will occur at the scheduled time.

Satellite Adoption Centres

If you would like to meet a cat/small animal prior to adopting, please check each animal's bio and find one that shows the location as a pet store (ex. ‘Pet Valu’ or ‘Global Pet Foods’) to meet an animal in person!

Various local animal care businesses have 1 or more of our shelter animals at their place of business. These animals are up for adoption, so please fill out an adoption application directly with these businesses. The Kingston Humane Society does not accept applications for these animals, you will have to go directly to the store’s location and apply. Our standard adoption policies still apply; however, there are some additional points that you should be aware of. Satellite adoption centre staff does not work for the Kingston Humane Society and are mandated to refer certain adoption matters directly to the Kingston Humane Society. They are given a more narrow set of policies that they may adopt under. We appreciate the exposure that the satellite centers bring to our Society, and ask you to help make sure the experience is beneficial to them. Returns are not allowed to satellite centers. After the adoption, any questions or concerns should be directed to the Adoptions Coordinator at KHS.

In the event that the satellite adoption centre reviewing your adoption form is not able to complete the adoption, or you are not selected, then please reach out to the adoption coordinator at the Kingston Humane Society Please understand that the satellite staff member reviewing this form is not allowed to discuss those reasons with you. This is to protect our satellite centre staff from trying to explain policy or decisions that they have no control over.

Available Pets

If you are interested in one of our pets please fill out the following form:

Apply Online

For more information please call 613.546.1291 ext. 102 or email us at