Happy Tails


Happy Tails | Adopted 2023-01-21

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for the outstanding customer service during the adoption process for Twinkle, we absolutely adore her. She is a little shy with still since I hold the 'bad guy' title and am the primary one giving her ear drops. However, she is IN LOVE with my partner Damien and is constantly looking for his attention.

Both Twinkie and Gwyn showed an interest in meeting super early on and we introduced them and they have not stopped playing since. They are absolutely adorable playing together. 

We are super thankful for this opportunity and that you chose us to be Twinkle's forever family. From what we can tell, the medication for the ear infection has been helping however I will be sure to update you in a few more days after it has had more of a chance to work its magic.

Once again, thank you everyone so much, we are so grateful for everyone involved and cannot wait to give Twinkie the best life.

Olivia, Damien, Gwyn, and Twinkle! 

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