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Happy Tails | Adopted 2023-02-03

Just wanted to let you know Toadstool has made himself comfortable and is so incredibly loved. He was so calm the entire car ride home to Cobourg. Our dog Laura was so happy we brought him home and he couldn't keep his curious self away from her. She was definitely what drew him out of his safe room immediately. She has been incredibly gentle with him and they seem to be friends immediately. She's been caught licking his head and he rubs up against her and purrs whenever he sees her. I think as far as Laura is concerned, we've gotten HER a pet. We have tons of windows and he is enjoying watching the dog in the backyard and also our bird feeders. He can see the kids get on and off the bus from the front window and was at the door to greet them on their first day off the bus. His presence in our home is so warming and sweet. The kids love to feed him his breakfast and dinner and even scoop his litter which he is a gentleman about using. He is pawsitively purrfect in every way! 

We've kept the name, it is quite fitting as my middle name is also a type of mushroom (Morel) and I've collected them - decor, fashions, etc - my whole life. We call him Mush or Mushi as well. This was NOT what drew us to adopt him oddly enough, haha, but was very much considered "a sign".

Thanks so much for the work you do. Knowing Toad's comfort with dogs was a really big decision for us in adopting him as we didn't want to surprise a cat with our excitable dog. I hope Toadstool's foster can take on other cats to be dog tested, and seeing how gentle our Laura has been with him has us considering this as well. We will be sure to keep you updated on his life with us! 

Kind Regards,

 The Russells

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