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Munchi (aka Midnight)

Happy Tails | Adopted 2021-05-16

I adopted Munchi (formerly named Midnight, but just look at those munchin' teeth) in March 2021.  He was a special needs boy with FLUTD who had just undergone treatment and surgery.  It's been a year and a half now and I'm so happy to say that he hasn't had a single flare-up or issue; if you didn't look at his food bag, you'd never know he even had a health condition.  He's an active, happy, healthy boy who loves nothing more than his catnip pillows, playing peekaboo around the kitchen pillar, and cuddling up on my lap for a couple hours between zoomies.  He also discovered a love for Halloween, and will sit on my lap happily awaiting pats from trick-or-treaters.  Everyone who steps foot in my home falls in love with him, and he's my favourite little spokesmodel for to encourage special needs adoptions.  His vet couldn't be happier with how well he's done and I'm so grateful for everything KHS did to not only save his life, but keep him happy, healthy, and cared for -- not to mention the efforts of his foster family during his recovery!  PS: yes, that picture is from his birthday party.  - Kyra

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