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Mango 'Joe' Martini (aka Butterscotch)

Happy Tails | Adopted 2023-04-22

My name is Samantha and I adopted a cat named 'Butterscotch' from you guys in April of 2023. Now that it's been several months and the year is over, I thought I would give you guys an update to see how he's doing!  He is very playful, even managing to get my roommates older cat to play with him often. He really lets you do anything to him, including laying your head on him and kissing near his face. He's very well behaved and he fits into the house perfectly.  I included pictures of his listing on your website and when I took him home, as well as lots of pictures of him throughout the time I've had him.  I changed his name to Mango Martini, and over time he's gotten lots of nicknames, usually being called "Joe" because I say Mango funny when speaking to him.  He did have some stomach issues when I adopted him, but those are all in the clear now and he's doing great!  Thank you so much!  Sam & Mango

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