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Happy Tails | Adopted 2023-03-19

Our Lexi girl definitely adores winter and our winter storms. She insists on tagging along when it’s time to shovel the driveway.  One of Lexi’s favourite activities is to dive into the soft snow to attempt to get as much snow as possible all over her face. 

We take her on walks near the forest where she can fetch sticks to her hearts content and she can be free to explore off leash.  Lexi loves her tennis balls (good thing we have a bucket full of tennis balls), but she especially LOVES ball hockey! We have ourselves an enthusiastic hockey dog. We need to use 3 tennis balls to keep up with her speed. She is a fantastic defender and goalie. 

Lexi enjoys joining us for car rides when we run errands and studying her surroundings. She also enjoys her grooming, allowing us to brush her without any fuss. We are working up to a bath and to cleaning her teeth—I think she is ready for us to proceed with that next step. Deduced from Lexi’s paperwork, she will be celebrating her 4th birthday this Friday, April 7th. We plan on a family dinner at the cottage, which should prove to be another new and exciting family bonding experience for Lexi. 

All in all, we cannot tell you enough how much we adore and absolutely love Lexi. She is a fantastic dog, well behaved and truly a wonderful addition to our family.

Warmest regards to everyone in Kingston who cared for Lexi. 

Lexi, Dave and Pirjo 

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