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Happy Tails | Adopted 2022-07-16

It’s almost been a year since we adopted Howie (aka Bay-Bays, Wiggles, Baby Boy, Lil Squirrel).  He is absolutely perfect. We love him so much.  Howie is very smart and eager to please. He knows a number of commands and has great recall when off leash.  Howie loves camp; similar to the cottage but more rugged. He’s off leash at camp with a dozen other dogs out there. Howie loves being part of the pack and playing with the other dogs. He loves swimming and frolicking in the water, but he always “checks in” periodically with me to make sure I’m ok then runs back down the beach to play some more.  Howie loves toys of all kinds and will sort through his toy basket to find the perfect one that he feels like playing with at that moment.  And Howie loves his big brother, Archer. Archer doesn’t play as much as Howie would like but when they’re both tuckered, you can always see them snuggled up together.  Howie has been the perfect addition. I couldn’t imagine not having his quirky attitude and sweet squirrel kisses. Thank you again for facilitating the adoption of Howie. We are so grateful to have him in our lives.   

Melissa & Alex 

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