Happy Tails

Harry Styles

Happy Tails | Adopted 2022-12-19

I brought Harry Styles home on Dec. 19th.  He has settled into our family quite nicely. My two older cats still hiss at him when he gets close but they are warming up to him.  My 11 year old Bernese Mountain Dog has accepted him with open paws and it wasn't long before Harry wasn't afraid of her anymore.  Harry is such a sweet boy.  He loves to play with his squeaky mouse and sleep near me when I'm on the couch or in bed (I am his person😊). He is finally letting my husband come near him and pet him and will even sleep beside my husband now.  Harry is a big purr machine and is very social when we have company over. Harry loves watching Jurassic World Dominion.  We had put the movie on and he was intrigued with the dinosaur sounds.  Then he started pacing and looking at the tv and before we knew it, he was up by the tv pawing at the screen. 

I can't thank you enough for naming him Harry Styles.  My daughter is a huge Harry Styles fan and sent me the facebook post because they thought it was awesome that someone named a cat after Harry Styles. I didn't know I needed him in my life until my daughter showed me the post which wouldn't have happened if his name wasn't Harry Styles. 

Harry Styles is living his best life and I just adore him so much. Not only did I give him the gift of a furever home, he has given me a much needed gift.



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