Happy Tails

Hank (aka Damien)

Happy Tails | Adopted 2023-03-08

Hank (formerly Damien) is settling in just perfectly. He is gentle, and very receptive to our grumpy senior dogs and our energetic small children, and we just love him. 

It didn’t take him long to figure out our routines and bond with us. And he LOVES to fetch which is so nice as neither of our dogs have ever figure it out. He is also completely comfortable with being bathed and having his nails clipped. And although he loves to eat and play, he doesn’t show any guarding behaviours. He walks really nicely on a leash even when our four year old is holding on to it, and he takes treats gently from both kids. House training and crate training are still coming along, but he is getting a lot better at not jumping up on us or nipping when he plays. 

Thank you so much for allowing us to add him to our family! 


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