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Friday (aka Freedom)

Happy Tails | Adopted 2022-12-31

I wanted to give an update on Freedom.

First, as discussed, we decided to change her name.  We wanted something fun and that makes people happy.  Where we work, everyone is always in a better mood on Fridays because the weekend is coming, so we decided to call her Friday.

Her first week was a little tough.  She pretty much stayed under our couch and coffee table and would come out to eat and go to her litter.  It was so hard to be patient and not force ourselves on her because she’s so freaking cute!  She would let us pet her a little and then go back under the couch.  Thankfully, her appetite was good and we would hear her play with her toys at night.

Now, she likes being with us (took about 3 weeks), she follows us around the house and jumps on her dad and lays on him when we’re watching tv.  Notice I said her dad - she’s definitely a daddy’s girl. 😻 We’re so happy with the progress and the fact that she’s coming out of her shell. She’s still a little skittish and doesn’t like to be picked up, but we’re hopeful that that will change as she learns to trust us more and more.  She really loves her toys - that’s the only time we ever hear her meow.  We have gotten in the routine of putting her toys away at night before we go to bed because that’s when she gets her second wind and it sounds like there’s an elephant in the house.  How can such a small cat make so much noise? 😸

She is the smallest cat I have ever had, to me she still looks like a kitten.  It’s hard to imagine she had kittens of her own.  Needless to say, we’re completely in love and she’s really warming up to us too.

Thank you again for the great care you provided her.  We feel so lucky to get to care for Friday.

Take care,


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