Walking The Road To Recovery

Penny was brought to the shelter as a four-week old kitten with a severe leg injury requiring immediate veterinary attention. The person who brought her in reported that she had been found in a wood pile, caught between logs, with her leg bleeding heavily. The veterinarian’s decision was that her leg could not be saved and, although Penny was very young, the only option was amputation.  Amputations are not common for very young kittens, and there was no certainty that Penny could handle such invasive surgery. We were hopeful that she would beat the odds.

Thankfully, Penny made it through the surgery, so the next step was to place her with a volunteer in our foster care program. The volunteer would need the training, experience and time to monitor Penny closely and support her as her wound healed and she attempted her first steps on her three remaining legs. Penny soon learned to run and play, and so the animal care team thought it would be best to move her to a new foster family, where she could socialize with other cats and kittens while her care continued. Penny loved her new surroundings and playmates, becoming a normal, albeit three-legged, kitten.

Today, Penny is very agile on three legs, able to climb stairs, couches, scratching posts and beds in her own fashion. She has been adopted, and her new family adores her.

Without your donations, this life-saving surgery for Penny would not have been possible. Donors and supporters like you are vital for us to be able to provide the care and support that so many homeless and injured animals need. Without an open shelter — a shelter that accepts all animals regardless of their health, condition, temperament or prognosis — like the Kingston Humane Society, there would have been no place for Penny to go for care.

On behalf of Penny, we say “Thank you!” to our supporters for your ongoing commitment to the KHS, which makes a second chance possible for animals like Penny.

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