Ruckus’s Happy Home

Ruckus is such a wonderful dog and he truly has been a gift to our family. He is free to roam in the house and I know loves big comfy chairs and couches and that’s fine with us, he only sneaks onto the couches when we are not home otherwise that smart boy knows his place.  He did take over one of our big yellow chairs so that’s often where he loves to rest. He is none destructive at all and has not had any accidents. I haven’t had any issues with him trying to get his muzzle off either when on walks.

The first week I’d say that he tried really hard to make his way onto the grass and do what I call his ‘death roll’ to get the muzzle off but after working on correcting him, he is much improved.  SMART dog for sure.

He doesn’t always want to go for walks, or at least starts out and then gets lazy but with a little encouragement I can get him moving. Charlie and him are best friends, she even likes to get kisses from him and always greets him in the morning and says good night to him at night.  We finally started to hear his excited bark (Charlie doesn’t really like it) but we just keep telling her that is his way of talking, she will understand in a few years.

He is the most easy going and patient dog ever, doesn’t even get phased when Charlie throws her magnetic letters around the house or make nose, runs back and forth…nothing. He is the perfect example of how amazing this breed can be and it is so sad that he has to wear that muzzle.

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