Never Too Old For Love

It’s always sad when an animal’s owner passes away and the animal is left on its own. That’s what happened to Ruckus. This sweet senior dog came to us in May as a stray, but we later found out that his owner had died, leaving Ruckus by himself. Ruckus was a gentle soul who loved attention. He quickly became the front office mascot and liked to greet people when they came into the shelter. Although about 10 years old, his gray muzzle was the only thing that gave a hint of his age. He loved to play and cuddle. Sadly, though, his age worked against him, as many people are not looking to adopt an older animal.

Senior animals are often overlooked at shelters, as adopters are looking for playful kittens or puppies, but adult animals bring with them many advantages that their younger counterparts don’t. Mature animals tend to be calmer and less destructive, and with them, “what you see is what you get.” There are no surprises with regard to eventual size, temperament or manners.
As well as being a senior, Ruckus had one more thing working against him. He was a legal (restricted but not prohibited) pit bull, and, because of Bill 132, there were special considerations that his new adopters would have to take into account. With this in mind, we knew that we would have to be particularly selective in finding a new forever home for him.
On July 5th, we said goodbye to Ruckus as he went home with his new family. They had heard about him in Mississauga and, once they’d been approved as adopters, they came to Kingston to meet our boy. It was love at first sight! Since his adoption, Ruckus’s new family has been sending us regular updates and lots of pictures of him enjoying the good life.
Through your gift to the KHS, you become a partner in the successful outcome of stories like this one, giving senior animals in need, like Ruckus, the chance to live out their golden years in peace and comfort.

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