Meeting The Special Needs Of Special Animals

When she was found outside a house fire in April 2016, injured, lethargic and unclaimed, Amber came into our care as a stray. Her paws were severely burned and infected, her fur was singed, and her nose and ears were damaged. After receiving emergency veterinary attention, Amber was given pain medication and treated with antibiotics and was cared for in a foster home, where her wounds were cleaned and bandages were changed for three weeks.

Just as her paws had finished healing, Amber began refusing food and water, leaving our veterinary care team puzzled, as she had come so far. Through blood testing, we were able to determine that she had a condition known as Cholangiohepatitis, a disease of the liver. She was treated with six different medications and required force-feeding and fluid therapy, and the KHS animal care staff were worried about her survival.

Remarkably, though, Amber responded very quickly to the treatment. Two months and two more blood tests later, her blood levels were back to normal and she no longer needed four of the six medications. Amber joined our Special Needs adoptions program and found her forever home on July 26th, after 14 weeks in our care. She is now living happily ever after with a few other feline pals.

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