Lost & Found Help


Need some lost pets advice? Looking to take progressive steps in finding that missing loved one? Check out our handy lost & found tips below:

Tips To Find Your Lost Pet

  1. Post ads on websites such as Kijiji & PetFinder, and Facebook’s “Kingston Community Lost and Found Pets” page.
  2. Canvas neighbours and walk through your neighbourhood.
  3. Visit the Kingston Humane Society and fill out a lost pet report
  4. Continue to VISIT the shelter every few days to look for your pet
  5. Make “Lost” posters for the neighbourhood that include a photo.
  6. Place ads in local papers.
  7. Call or visit vet clinics in your area and leave photos of your pet.
  8. Contact your local Animal Control.
  9. Expand your search by calling shelters in surrounding cities.

LOST/FOUND REPORTS WILL EXPIRE ONE WEEK AFTER BEING SUBMITTED. Pet owners are required to renew their reports regularly by visiting or contacting the shelter. Please advise the shelter to cancel a lost report when pet is located.

Make Your Pet Traceable

Get your pet microchipped as a permanent form of identification so that in the event that they do get lost they can be returned to you. The KHS runs microchip clinics throughout the year. Monitor our social media sites for the latest information on our upcoming clinics!

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