From Abandoned to Adored

On March 3rd, 2015, our OSPCA agent seized a cat who had been left without food or water in an apartment building. She was immediately assessed by our veterinary care staff. Her skin was scaly, her fur was coarse, her nose was swollen, and it was observed that her right eye was injured. Now affectionately known as Kate, this sweet girl seemed to have a number of medical conditions.

After consultation with several veterinarians, it was determined that her eye injury was a result of some sort of trauma.

We don’t know Kate’s story, but it was clear that she needed a new home and a second chance in life. Kate immediately stole the hearts of many staff, including our Animal Care Coordinator, who fostered her until a treatment plan was developed. It was determined that Kate required blood work, infectious disease testing and, ultimately, surgery to remove her injured eye. Kate has since had treatment and undergone surgery, and she has been placed into
the adoption program.

It is always difficult to see animals like Kate enter the shelter, and we always feel a tug at the heartstrings to see them go to their adoptive homes because we’ve come to know and care for them. But that’s what the Kingston Humane Society is here for: to put the pieces back together for animals in need, as we were able to do for Kate. She came to us needing food, veterinary care, shelter and comfort. Without your donations and support, who knows what the outcome for her would have been? But because you supported the KHS, Kate is now healthy, happy and enjoying the first days of the rest of her life.

Update: After more than three months of treatment and care, we’re overjoyed to report that Kate was adopted into a new, forever home where she has a
doggie companion and a family who adores her.

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