From the worst comes the best

Hot Off the Collar | Volume 7

Mid-November is a difficult time in animal welfare. The shelters – ours included – are full. Expenses are being carefully monitored as the financial year-end looms. And perhaps most importantly, shelter...

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Goodbye to one of the Biggest Paws

Hot Off the Collar | Volume 6

The story of Sean and Rupert, like so many of the heart-tugging, smile-inducing stories we see here at the Kingston Humane Society, was born out of dire circumstances.

On Christmas morning, in 2009, Officer Sean...

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Alice doesn’t live here anymore

Hot Off the Collar | Volume 5

I’ve been struggling to find something to write about for this month’s blog. It’s not because I lack subjects. Winter animal care, investigations, the generosity of our donors; I tried each topic but nothing...

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Lessons from Mom

Hot Off the Collar | Volume 3

We learn so much from our parents: manners, social norms, language skills, how to behave, how NOT to behave and probably most of all, how to love. Or perhaps more accurately, WHO to love. In my mother’s case, I...

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Hot Off the Collar | Volume 2

When I started this job five months ago, I knew the deal. Amidst all the happy, enlightening and life-affirming stories, a dark cloud occasionally cast a shadow. I convinced myself that I could handle it. Hadn’t I...

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Errors of omission

Hot Off the Collar | Volume 1

Most of us have a strictly defined self-image. If you’re like me, that image takes a beating from time to time but essentially, once you become an adult, it’s pretty static. If I was to summarize my own image it...

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