From Abandoned to Adored

On March 3rd, 2015, our OSPCA agent seized a cat who had been left without food or water in an apartment building. She was immediately assessed by our veterinary care staff. Her skin was scaly, her fur was coarse, her nose was swollen, and it was observed that her right eye was injured. Now affectionately known as Kate, this sweet girl seemed to have a number of medical conditions.

After consultation with several veterinarians, it was determined that her eye injury was a result of some sort of trauma.

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Leo goes to Newfoundland

Hello KHS! Just wanted to send an update and pic of Leo (a.k.a. “Hal”) who we adopted Feb. 9th, 2012. We moved from Kingston to Bay Bulls, NL in June. Leo adjusted to the move without a hitch. He seemed to enjoy the 4 day drive down and stopping at hotels.

He’s been to the beach a few times now and on several hikes on the East Coast Trail. Met family and “cousins” getting along with everyone. Such a cuddle bear! Five weeks ago, we introduced a new puppy to the family. Leo is an awesome role model for 4 month old Honey who is a Rottie/ Shepherd cross. Sometimes he needs a break from her…lol. But he is so patient and gentle.

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Ruckus’s Happy Home

Ruckus Happy Tail animal adoption Kingston Humane Society

Ruckus is such a wonderful dog and he truly has been a gift to our family. He is free to roam in the house and I know loves big comfy chairs and couches and that’s fine with us, he only sneaks onto the couches when we are not home otherwise that smart boy knows his place.  He did take over one of our big yellow chairs so that’s often where he loves to rest. He is none destructive at all and has not had any accidents. I haven’t had any issues with him trying to get his muzzle off either when on walks.

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Chanelle’s Happy Tale

Chanelle on the couch

We want to thank you so much for our beautiful dog. We adopted Chanelle from the Humane Society in January of 2014, and we couldn’t be happier. Chanelle is the perfect addition to our fur family. She is such a sweet, smart dog who gets along with everyone (people and other dogs alike). Every day, she does something to make us laugh and smile and she’s so fun to have around. She’s can be mischievous, but she is a well-mannered girl who loves to play fetch and hide and seek.

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Monty’s Happy Tail

Monty on the couch - Kingston humane socieyt

Hi, my name is Monty. My adopted family really liked my name especially since they nicknamed me Monster! I live with my other pets friends including 2 cats, a guinea pig and a fish! My favourite thing to do is go for walks or to the dog park. I get very, very excited before we get there and can barely contain my excitement which includes a lot of whining and barking! I also really love my human sister as well and lucky for me she loves to play ball with me outside. I want to thank the Humane Society for taking good care of me before I got the chance to meet my forever family!

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Chatterbox Lex

Grey and white cat

We just wanted to give you an update on our cat, Lex (formerly known as Panda), since we know he had friends at the shelter who might be wondering about him. It only took Lex a few days to settle into his new home, and we couldn’t be happier about him. He has a dog-friend, named Remy, who he gets along great with, and spends most of his time snuggled up in someone’s arms or chatting happily at us. He’s the most friendly cat!

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Hazel’s Finally Home

two people with a beagle standing on their laps

Hi KHS! It’s me, Hazel!

I love my new forever home. They have a fenced yard where I can run and play, and I’ve made a new feline best friend, Lily. I make sure to keep my parents warm at night with plenty of snuggling in the bed. They must love me too, because I get plenty of delicious treats. Sometimes, I like to hide treats in the backyard, but the humans don’t seem to mind!

We go on walks where I’m learning that I can play with other dogs! Although I still whine a little when my parents leave, I’m also learning that they always come back for me. I love it here, and I really think they love having me!

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