Walking The Road To Recovery

orange tabby cat

Penny was brought to the shelter as a four-week old kitten with a severe leg injury requiring immediate veterinary attention. The person who brought her in reported that she had been found in a wood pile, caught between logs, with her leg bleeding heavily. The veterinarian’s decision was that her leg could not be saved and, although Penny was very young, the only option was amputation.  Amputations are not common for very young kittens, and there was no certainty that Penny could handle such invasive surgery. We were hopeful that she would beat the odds.

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Meeting The Special Needs Of Special Animals

Cat with burned arms bandaged

When she was found outside a house fire in April 2016, injured, lethargic and unclaimed, Amber came into our care as a stray. Her paws were severely burned and infected, her fur was singed, and her nose and ears were damaged. After receiving emergency veterinary attention, Amber was given pain medication and treated with antibiotics and was cared for in a foster home, where her wounds were cleaned and bandages were changed for three weeks.

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Never Too Old For Love

It’s always sad when an animal’s owner passes away and the animal is left on its own. That’s what happened to Ruckus. This sweet senior dog came to us in May as a stray, but we later found out that his owner had died, leaving Ruckus by himself. Ruckus was a gentle soul who loved attention. He quickly became the front office mascot and liked to greet people when they came into the shelter. Although about 10 years old, his gray muzzle was the only thing that gave a hint of his age. He loved to play and cuddle. Sadly, though, his age worked against him, as many people are not looking to adopt an older animal.

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We Do It For The Love

“Buddy” came to us on August 15th, 2014. Completely blind, Buddy was likely born this way. As a young energetic hound, Buddy’s blindness was a challenge for him and he had to discover new ways to figure out how to maneuver around his environment with his visual impairment. One of Buddy’s eyes was causing him a great deal of pain and needed to be removed. When we went public with Buddy’s story we received overwhelming support from our community to help with the cost of his surgery.

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