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Our Policies


The Kingston Humane Society’s adoptions policy has been drafted to achieve a number of goals. First and foremost, our policies help to ensure the successful adoption of our animals into loving, forever homes. Second, we want to educate potential pet owners on what it means to provide ‘responsible pet ownership’. Third, our policies attempt to ensure a good match between the animals and the owner, through pre-adoption screening/interviewing. This process helps to reduce the return rate on the animals, thereby reducing their stress and improving their quality of life.

While we realize there are many choices for new pet parents when deciding where to find their next special companion, we must help speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. Thus, we must ensure that people who want to adopt an animal, are truly prepared for the responsibility, and the financial commitment that will be required to care for that animal.

We encourage you to read the adoption policies, and hope that you understand that they are in place, not to frustrate you and make the process more difficult, but to ensure the highest level of compatibility to make your pet’s adoption successful and forever.

The Pre-Qualification Interview

All potential adopters will have to fill out the pre-qualification questionnaire. KHS staff will review the questionnaire and conduct an interview with the potential adopter to ensure that he/she will be able to provide adequate care for the animal, and that they demonstrate a reasonable understanding of basic animal husbandry.

This questionnaire is used to match the adopters lifestyle with an appropriate companion, obtain personal and veterinary references, and to screen for potential conflicts that would violate our adoption guidelines.

There may be a waiting period to adopt an animal, allowing for the KHS staff to verify information given on the adoption questionnaire, such as veterinary references, landlord’s policy to allow pets etc.

If, after reviewing the questionnaire, the KHS staff are not able to complete the adoption, you will informed of this decision within 48 business hours of completing the questionnaire and interview. THE KINGSTON HUMANE SOCIETY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADOPTION OF ANY ANIMAL, TO ANY PERSON, FOR ANY REASON.

By completing the pre-qualification questionnaire you are consenting to allow your references to provide information to us that will allow us to verify the information you give on the form.

Breach of Contract

By signing our adoption contract you are entering into a contract with the Kingston Humane Society. Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement may constitute breach of contract and invoke this breach of contract policy. In particular, failure to spay or neuter an adopted animal as per the terms in the adoption contract may result in you having to surrender ownership of the animal to the Kingston Humane Society, or comply with conditions imposed by the society to rectify the breach. If additional conditions are imposed upon you by the Kingston Humane Society, and those conditions are not met, you will have to surrender ownership of the animal to the Kingston Humane Society at the sole discretion of the executive director.

If an adopter is deemed by the Society to be in breach of contract, the Executive Director may declare the adoption null and void, and the adopter would be required to immediately turn over ownership and possession of the animal to the Society.

Temperament Evaluation

All dogs have their temperament evaluated prior to being offered for adoption. This testing is only one tool that we use is assessing the adoptability of our animals.


Any known animal behavioural concerns will be communicated to you. As well as any classifications given to the animal (such as no children under 12, or suitable for first time pet owner). These are for reference only, and may not prove to be accurate. Pets in shelter situations often exhibit different behavior than those in home situations.

Before You Adopt

We recommend you visit this incredible website – ‘Before You Get A Pet: Future Pet Parent Guide’ from University of Guelph Veterinary School, which is a great reference for everything you need to consider when thinking of pet ownership.

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The Details

  • Pick out the dog or cat you would like to adopt. Please note its case number and/or name.
  • Every adoption application is evaluated by staff, and references are checked.
  • This process can take up to 24-48 hours.
  • A meet and greet will be required for dog adoptions, to families who already own a dog.
  • After adoption counseling, if it is deemed an appropriate match for you and the dog/cat the adoption is approved.
  • Sign the contract and other information.
  • Take home your new pet.

If an animal is medically unable to be spayed/neutered, a $50.00 voucher towards spay or neuter is given to the adopters for all unaltered dogs and cats.

What is included in the price:

Spay/Neuter, Health Check, Core Vaccinations, Rabies Vaccination (age appropriate), De-worming, Microchip, 30 days of Pet Insurance, Temperament Assessment.

Not included in the price:

Optional vaccinations and core vaccine boosters.

Satellite Adoption Centres:

Be sure to contact or visit these stores in the Kingston area to find out more about the KHS cats available at their locations.


If you are considering adopting an animal, please complete the appropriate form below. You may email completed forms to [email protected], fax forms to 613-546-3398 or bring completed forms to the shelter.

CATS: Adoption Application DOGS: Adoption Application SMALL ANIMAL: Adoption Application


Forever Homes

To adopt a pet from the Kingston Humane Society you will need to print the following document, write out the current date and sign it.

KHS Adoption Contract

Satellite Adoption

Various local animal care businesses have 1 or more of our shelter animals at their place of business. These animals are up for adoption, and can be adopted directly from their businesses or adopted after completing the paperwork at the shelter. Please check with the satellite centre to see which way they offer adoptions.

Our standard adoption policies still apply; however, there are some additional points that you should be aware of. Satellite adoption centre staff does not work for the Kingston Humane Society and are mandated to refer certain adoption matters directly to the Kingston Humane Society. They are given a more narrow set of policies that they may adopt under. This is necessary because they do not have the benefit of the experience in screening applicants that the staff at the KHS does. There is a special Satellite Adoption Centre Questionnaire that is used to interview potential adopters.

In the event that the person reviewing the form is not able to complete the adoption they MUST refer the adoption to the adoption coordinator at the Kingston Humane Society. Please understand that this referral may be for many different reasons and the satellite staff member reviewing this form is not allowed to discuss those reasons with you. This is to protect our satellite centre staff from trying to explain policy or decisions that they have no control over. Staff from the Kingston Humane Society will get in touch with you within 2 business days if your adoption cannot be completed at the Satellite Adoption Centre.

We appreciate the exposure that the satellite centers bring to our Society, and ask you to help make sure the experience is beneficial to them.

Returns are not allowed to satellite centers. After the adoption, any questions or concerns should be directed to the Adoptions Coordinator at KHS.

Check Out Our Satellite Adoption Centers
Adult Dog260.00
Senior or Special Needs Dog140.00
Select Breed Puppy450.00
Select Breed Adult Dog 360.00

More Details

All animals are spayed/neutered, up to date with core and rabies vaccinations, deworming, and flea treatment prior to adoption.
“Altered” = Spayed or Neutered.
“Puppies” are defined as Dogs under 12 months of age.
“Senior” dogs are at least 7 years of age.
Dogs are deemed a “Select Breed” or “Special Needs” at the staff’s discretion.

Application Form
Adult Cat180.00
Select Breed Cat/Kitten250.00
Senior or Special Needs Cat90.00
Seniors for Seniors Cat70.00

More Details

All animals are spayed/neutered, up to date with core and rabies vaccinations, deworming, and flea treatment prior to adoption.
“Kittens” are defined as cats under 6 months of age.
“Senior” cats are at least 7 years of age.
Cats are deemed “Select Breed” or “Special Needs” at the staff’s discretion.
Altered = spayed or neutered.

Application Form
Small AnimalsPrice
Unaltered Rabbit20.00
Spayed/Neutered Rabbit50.00
Guinea Pig25.00
Hamster / Gerbil / Degu / Rat15.00
Small Bird25.00
Large Bird60.00+
Other Exotics50.00+

More Details

Small Birds: Budgies, Parakeets, Finches, Cockatiels, etc.
Large Birds: Parrots, Cockatoos, etc.
“Exotics” are at the staff’s discretion.

Application Form