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Adoption Fees

Animal Tags

Though not included in our Adoption Process, all dogs & cats residing in the City of Kingston are required to be registered. If the pet is lost, a tag can help reunite the family quicker than without any identification, and in many cases the pet can be reunited without having to come into the shelter. Tags can be purchased at the Kingston Humane Society, City Hall and some veterinary clinics. Dogs must be wearing their tag in order to be allowed in a City of Kingston off-leash dog park.

Seniors for Seniors

The “Seniors for Seniors” program offers adoption of cats and dogs 7 years and older to adopters aged 65 and up for 50% of the regular adoption fee.

VIP Adoptions

The “VIP Adoption” program is aimed at ensuring our long-term residents find homes! All adoption fees are reduced by 25% for any animal who has spent 30 or more days in our Adoptions program.

Click here for important information about owning a pet in the City of Kingston!

  • DogsPrice
    Unaltered Senior or Special Needs Dog (plus $50 S/N voucher) 80.00
    Unaltered Puppies (plus $50 S/N voucher)250.00
    Unaltered Adult Dog (plus $50 S/N voucher)180.00
    Altered Puppies325.00
    Altered Adult Dog230.00
    Altered Senior or Special Needs Dog135.00
    Select Breed Puppies (plus $100 S/N voucher)450.00
    Select Breed Adult Dog (altered)350.00

    "Altered" = Spayed or Neutered.
    "Puppies" are defined as Dogs under 12 months of age.
    "Senior" Dogs are typically at least 7 years of age.
    Dogs are deemed a "Select Breed" or "Special Needs" at the staff's discretion.
    S/N = spay or neuter

  • CatsPrice
    Unaltered Kittens (plus $50 S/N voucher)185.00
    Unaltered Adult Cat (plus $50 S/N voucher)130.00
    Unaltered Senior or Special Needs Cat (plus $50 S/N voucher) 60.00
    Altered Kittens 225.00
    Altered Adult Cat 180.00
    Altered Senior or Special Needs Cat 85.00
    Altered Select Breed Adult Cat 230.00

    "Kittens" are defined as Cats under 6 months of age.
    "Senior" Cats are typically at least 7 years of age.
    Cats are deemed "Select Breed" or "Special Needs" at the staff's discretion.
    S/N = spay or neuter

  • Small Animals Price
    Guinea Pig 16.20
    Hamster / Gerbil / Degu / Rat / Mouse 10.80
    Small Bird 16.20
    Medium Bird 21.60
    Large Bird 54.00
    Other Exotics50.00+

    Small Birds: Budgies, Parakeets, Finches etc.
    Medium Birds: Cockatiels etc.
    Large Birds: Parrots etc.
    "Exotics" are at the staff's discretion.

  • Ruckus Happy Tail animal adoption Kingston Humane Society

  • image3

  • iPhone Image 267B29

  • Tutsie2-Adopted

  • Kingston Humane Society - Strawberry the Cat

  • Kingston Humane Society - Stevie

  • Mom-Mom---Adopted

  • Kingston Humane Society - Fernado Torez

    Fernado Torez
  • Kingston Humane Society - Jolie the Cat

    Jolie the Cat
  • Kingston Humane Society - Maxwell

  • cat5

  • Kingston Humane Society - Jake the Dog

    Jake the Dog
  • Kingston Humane Society - Henry The 2nd

    Henry The 2nd
  • Kingston Humane Society - Colby

  • Kingston Humane Society - Benji

  • Kingston Humane Society - Wilbur

  • Kingston Humane Society - Bowie


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