The Kingston Humane Society has the following services available to help our furry friends. They are as follows:

Cruelty Investigations:

Our inspector and agents investigate all claims of cruelty and take necessary steps to ensure that the welfare of the animals is protected. To report a case of animal cruelty or neglect, contact 310-SPCA(7722).

Lost & Found Animals:

As a municipal pound provider, KHS steps outside its work as a local charity to enforce the Ontario Pounds Act and municipal contracts for pound services. Our role as a pound provider is to ensure lost pets are safe, have a secure place to stay and receive the care that they need. The “pound hold status” gives owners the time to identify their pet and know their pet is secure as they make arrangements. The KHS holds the pound contracts for multiple municipalities. Stray animals are housed for a minimum of 72 hours (longer for certain jurisdictions) prior to being placed into the KHS adoption program. If you are missing your pet, please visit the shelter in person. See our Lost Pets page for tips for finding your lost animal.

24-Hour Emergency Rescue Service:


In case of an emergency please call the shelter at 546-1291. For wildlife please call Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre at (613) 354-0264 (the KHS cannot respond to calls about wildlife).

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