11 Northern Dogs on the Path to a New Life

Northern Dog OutsideThis week 11 dogs came into the care of Kingston Humane Society on September 17, 2018 through a partnership with Humane Society International. The rescue operation focuses on animals in Rural Northern Communities throughout Ontario and Canada with limited access to veterinary care that can result in malnourishment, health crises, and animal overpopulation.

The number of responsible pet owners in the region are increasing. Because of this Kingston Humane Society has been able to use the additional space to lend a helping hand to other reputable animal welfare agencies. “Because of the responsible pet ownership in our area, fewer dogs are entering the animal shelter, and those that do often have microchips and tags so they can be reunited with their families. This leaves us in a position where we have the space to assist other animal welfare organizations when they are overwhelmed with high numbers of dogs,” says Christie Haaima, Population Manager for the Kingston Humane Society.

With the cases of the dogs publicised, it is important to note that KHS will be following its implemented policies and procedures regarding the adoption of the dogs. “Fortunately these dogs have socialization skills, but they do have a long-standing history of malnutrition, and require very special homes who will be patient as they learn to cohabitate with humans. We are confident we can find these homes with the pet-loving people in our community,” says Haaima. Those interested are encouraged to view our website at www.kingstonhumanesociety.ca to see the available pets and stop by to fill out an application form when they become available for adoption.

The Kingston Humane Society was founded in 1884 to provide shelter and care for homeless animals and to investigate cases of animal cruelty in Kingston and surrounding communities. We are a non-profit and registered charity receiving no government funding. We promote responsible pet ownership and compassion and respect for all animals. Our Mission is to work in and with our community to provide leadership in the humane treatment of all animals, to address the causes of animal suffering, to encourage people to take responsibility for their animal companions and to provide care for animals who are neglected, abused, stray or homeless.

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Christie Haaima
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